Robotics as a Service

subdron offers the mission expertise it has accumulated over the past years as a project-related service. Advantages for port authorities, ship owners and underwater asset surveyors: technology and underwater robotics expertise are available exactly when and where they are needed – without having to develop their own technologies.

Autonomous Port Infrastructure Inspection - p.dron

  • Autonomous & cost efficient
  • Highest resolution - more than 10.000 measurement points per square meter
  • Resolving the locks of the sheet pile wall
  • Measurement speed min. 0,1 - 0,2m/s (for highest resolution)
  • Up to 1-2km of a quay wall within 8-12 hours (dependent on resolution requirements)
p.dron - Operation

Damage Assessment & Detection of Foreign Obstacles - v.dron

For accurate damage assessment of a ship after a grounding incident, v.dron can precisly assess and measure in highest resolution the damage for material replacement planning.

  • Fast & autonomous damage assessment after grounding
  • Precise measurement of the damage
  • Significant cost reduction for ship owner (hire cost & drydock)
  • Foreign obstacle detection
v.dron - Operation

AUV Survey - Bathymetry & Side Scan

  • Fast and accurate data generation
  • Full coverage of area of interest
  • Sensor in close distance for highest resolution
  • Identifying even small objects
Bathymetry & Side Scan Operation

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