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subdron DNA: Sophisticated Skills for Underwater Robotics

Looking for a capable partner for services and products around the autonomous Inspection of Underwater Structures? You found exactly the right company.

The subdron core team consists of European experts in underwater robotics. In addition with their colleagues from the fields of hardware architecture, sonar technology and data processing, they have a common goal in mind and turn it into action: The autonomous collection of underwater survey data – independently of visibility and up to depth of 200m – being processed and prepared exactly as required by the client.

Software & robotics engineer
Software & robotics engineer
Admin & back office
Design & development engineer
Software & development engineer
Nuno Cruz, INESC TEC
Scientific advisor
Thomas Rauschenbach, Fraunhofer IOSB
Scientific advisor

subdron's proprietary Relative Object Navigation (RON) enables fully autonomous underwater inspection missions in very close distance to the area of interest. Currently, RON is integrated on the SparusII-AUV platform from IQUA Robotics, but can be also integrated on other platforms.

This crew is putting the idea of "Robotics as a Service" into practice!

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